De Partij

How does it work?

At the Haagweg parking lot, on the edge of the centre of Leiden, our kick-scooters (Kickbikes type G4, a vehicle consisting of a footboard mounted on two wheels and a long steering handle) are stalled, ready for you to use. From here you can choose the route you have in mind. A fun day going to the beach or visiting the curiosities of the great city of Leiden. Remember that the kick-scooter will bring you further than travelling by foot. You will kick-scooter easily from one part of the city to the other. To the ‘Kaag’ or a nice day at the beach for a barbecue with family.

In the Netherlands kick-biking (steppen, in Dutch) has grown to a striving sport. Our kick-scooters of the brand Kickbike are especially developed for this activity and we offer you the newest of its kind, a G4 model.


Everybody can do it, it is even easier than riding a bike. Hands on the steering-wheel and just kick. But be careful, you have the status of a pedestrian. So we do recommend you not to act like a raving madman on shopping boulevards, it may cause unsafe situations. Besides the pedestrian status we advise you to act like a cyclist. We all know the rules and other road users assume the same.

For who?
Our kick-scooters are suitable for people who:

  • can participate properly in traffic
  • are at least 12 years old
  • have a minimum length of 1.50 m / 5 feet
  • weigh no more then 120 kg / 260 pounds
Groups of children and teenagers up to and including the age of 18 years old, can only participate under adult supervision.

How the single rental or, ‘Park and kick-scooter’ works:

Rental adress:
Haagweg 6, Leiden.

More kick-bikes (up to 50 available)
Available at request at parking lot Haagweg,
Telephone: 003171–514 80 30.
Rental-per-piece is also possible.

If you want to make reservations:
  • Call or email us, see 'Contact'
  • Visit the Haagweg parking lot at the agreed day and time.
  • If you arrive by car, you can park here the entire day.
  • The number of reserved kick-scooters will be there ready, waiting for you.
  • You receive the bill which needs to be settled beforehand.

Huurplaats Park en Step:
P-terrein Haagweg 6 te Leiden.

Meerdere steppen (tot 50 permanent beschikbaar).
Op aanvraag leveren wij tot 500 steppen.
Bel: 071 – 514 80 30. Losse verhuur per stuk mogelijk.


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