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Kick-scooter tours in and around Leiden

For the kick-scooter tours we provide several clearly defined routes in and around Leiden. Decide beforehand what your most favourite tour will be and we will make sure everything is ready to go.

Kick-scooter tours in Leiden from € 9,= p.p.
In the centre you can easily choose your own route, or would you prefer 'De Leidse Sloper'? That's possible, just ask for the itinerary and we make sure it΄s there for you. The century-old Fortress, the Rapenburg, Botanical Garden, the Naturalis Museum, Windmill 'De Valk', the almshouses, the 17th century streetmap, alleys and pub terraces at the water: it's all within reach. Don't hesitate to ask for the possibilities.  

Kick-scooter tours in LAW from € 9,= p.p.
You can use the extended bike hub system or you can kickbike your way via the mushroom-shaped ANWB pointers throughout the whole region. From Leiden you can reach the beach of Katwijk within three quarters of an hour, or would you prefer to head for 'Het Groene Hart'? You can decide for yourself, from Noordwijk to Rijpwetering or from Kaag to Keukenhof in Lisse, in short: kickbiking in Leiden And Whereabouts (LAW!)  

Guided Kickbiking Tours from € 14,= p.p.
Your tour through Leiden or the region with an experienced guide. Suitable for groups up to 15 persons per guide. The price mentioned above is for 15 persons with a guide for 1½ hour.  

Puzzle Tour by Kickbike € 23,95 p.p.
It hasn't beaten the bike yet, but its popularity is growing tremendously. On our own kickbikes we go into the city; on the kickbike we have a much larger range for our puzzle tours. A lot of attention on the way, because it's still an odd view to see a group of kickbiking people pass by. Alternating from one leg to the other ensures that you are not too quickly overloaded.

'Wie zoekt wat zich hier laat vinden, zal blijven' (Who seeks what is to be found here, will remain), the facade of the 'Stadsarchief' tells us, and that's how it is. From Boisotkade to Morschpoort and from the 'Leiden mystery' to the Fortress, it's all part of the game. Duration of the tour approx. 2 hours (excluding reception, drink and prize ceremony) 5 pers/team, from 20 persons.


Who is the Rat? € 24,50 p.p.
Together with your colleagues you have to kickbike your way through a route with relevant questions within the historic center of Leiden, But beware! In every group is someone trying to sabotage the whole thing, appropiately named 'The Rat'. Will your team unmasks the rat before the end of this puzzle scooter tour? After the puzzle tour there's the exciting climax of your family / team / company outing and the prize ceremony. Which RAT is the real infiltrator and which team will finally get the chilled bottle of champagne?
Duration of the tour approx. 2 hours (excluding reception, drink and prize ceremony) 5 pers/team, from 20 persons.

GPS Kicking Game € 34,50 p.p.
Our GPS Live City Game gets very dynamic when played on Kickbikes. This Hit & Run game is played with 4 teams. There are three police teams assigned to kill a gangster before he gathered 1.000.000,00 euro. The playgound is the historic centre of Leiden, where we use special GPS-enabled GSM's with touch screens. Internet and constant satellite connection makes it possible to trace the gangster, but take care: the gangster can shoot back, use his bullit-proof vest, place bombs and activate signal-jammers. So watch out, you are warned!
Duration of the tour approx. 2 ½ hours, from 12 persons including 1 welcome drink p.p.

Cooking & Kicking € 55,= p.p.
If you want to extend your tour with a cooking-workshop, it's possible around De Kaag but also in the centre of Leiden. We can organize it from 12 up to 300 persons.
Duration approx. 4-6 hours, from 12 persons.

Home restaurants from € 29,= p.p.
On hidden spots in Leiden, you can enjoy private cuisine in so called home restaurants. We know the way to these hidden treasures and we can tell you all about them.  

Bed & Breakfast from € 59,= p.p.
An emerging phenomenon is the Bed & Breakfast establishments in the Leiden region. These are easy to reach by kickbike; call us and we'll guide you through.  

The prices in short
Bike rental half a day €   9,00
Bike rental whole day €   12,50
Bike rental 2 days €   15,00
Itinerary 'Leidse Sloper'   free
Single map of any route €   2,50
Guides, 1 ½ uur per guide up to 15 persons € 75,00
Transport up to 25 kickbikes within 15 km from Leiden   € 75,00
Who is the rat? Tour € 24,50
GPS Kicking Game€ 34,50
Cooking & Kicking Tourfrom € 55,00
Home restaurantfrom € 29,00
Bed & Breakfastfrom € 59,00
Gift Certificate, per reserved kickbike: € 10,00

Other workshops on request.
For those who don't kick-bike we have bicycles at disposal.


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